Health Check - In Opening Day

Health Check-In Opening Day

American Camping Association requires that we provide a quick but thorough “health check” analysis on all campers after arrival in camp. We prefer that parents or guardians be present for this so that you can expedite the process by giving the health care team any information they need on your child, INCLUDING any medication information that we need to administer while your child is at camp. If we do discover head lice, a late check-in is required so proper precaution and treatment can be taken. (Again, we feel that parental involvement is necessary for the best “camper comfort”.) She must check in only after she is “nit free”. Should head lice be discovered on opening day, your attitude as a parent or guardian should be one of a helpful nature. Please do not become indignant or upset. We all realize that these situations do happen and you are not personally at fault. Your child will mirror your attitude and the easy way to help your child is to affirm “OK honey, we have a situation on our hands that we have to take care of before we can check in. So, let’s get to it.” And yes, Riverview Staff will be more than happy to save a bunk beside her friends for her. We realize this health check does take some extra time on opening day and, frankly, we wish it were unnecessary. Other camps may handle the “lice prevention” differently — after parent departure, some camps require that all campers wash their hair with various shampoo options, while others will “call home” for parents to return to camp to handle the situation. Again, our preference is to not embarrass a child by having to “collect everything in her cabin for lice cleaning” after she is already settled in. An extra 20 minutes “up front” with this check- in procedure helps to prevent hours of labor intensive work later! Almost every summer since we put this process in place we consider eliminating the parent involvement on the health check. Invariably, we will receive a phone call from various “parent-doctors” who will remind us of the importance and who confirm the necessity of keeping the opening day health check in place! We still do not claim that even we will “catch” every case, but this method has eliminated “total cabin” infestation in recent years and we, as well as our parents and campers, have been thankful!

Lice Prevention

Riverview's focus is to create lasting memories for your children, The Lice Treatment Center (LTC)  focuses on making sure campers will be lice-free and able to participate and enjoy the maximum benefits of summer. Camp Riverview is pleased to recommend the products of LTC. For more information on their products, please visit the LTC website.

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