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Nutty Buddies (Riverview's Sister Program)

Our campers tend to give small gifts for their “Nutty Buddies” each session or for their Secret Santa in their cabin during 3rd session. Help your daughter plan ahead for this. Each session of camp, we have a Nutty-Buddy Sister program that we call a “nutty buddy” (because we originally served a “nutty buddy” ice cream at the end of the evening) is a favorite event for every age! Because we are a nut-free facility, we serve a “NUT FREE BUDDY” that is just as yummy as the original! Having a “sister” at camp gives our campers another chance to meet someone who is not in their cabin and gives them a sense of ownership and an extra sense of security in having a “sister” at camp. Occasionally, they like to give small gifts, though it is not required. It is just a “girl thing”. Allowing her to purchase a small camp item at our gift shop or sending a few small gift items to camp with your daughter for her “Nutty Buddy” might be fun for her.
Session Special Events: Christmas in July
Session Special Events: Nutty Buddies

Christmas in July (3rd Session)

We celebrate Christmas in July and campers to give their "Secret Santa Buddy" small gifts during this session, including a small gift on "Christmas Morning". Again, sending a few small items will be helpful, or allowing her to pick something out of Chiki Boutiki is also an option. Discuss spending limits with her before arriving at camp.

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